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We had the best Thanksgiving ever!  We didn’t do much.

In the past, I have drained myself with hours upon hours of cooking, baking, cleaning.  This year, I advised my out-of-town family that they would be welcome to pop on in for a visit; I would offer refreshments, but that hence forth, I will no longer slave away in the kitchen merely for pig-outs!

No one came.

It was peaceful, restful, and we did enjoy a good meal – on paper plates! I cooked only for the five of us: homemade rolls from wheat that I grind myself; crock-pot beef; crock-pot sweet potatoes, fresh green beans; cheesy, scalloped potatoes and two pumpkin pies.  Everything was so very good, even if I say so myself.

One of the biggest temptations for some of us, is to take on a flurry of activities to the detriment of our spiritual life. I am wondering whether this blog is not just such a temptation for me.  At first the idea was to galvanize the “troops” to work towards having a regularly celebrated TLM in our area, but we are making no headway.  It will happen in God’s good time, but for now, I think it will be best for me to put all my energies, all my efforts, talents, money, into the work of the Institute of Christ the King.  I have come to sincerely love and appreciate the Canons and Oblates of that community, and I have decided to cast my lot with them.  Neither my local parish nor the diocese will have one red cent of mine, nor the flower arrangements I make for the altar; not any linens I may sew, nor the food I cook and bring for our social events at the Shrine, nor my work of cleaning the church. Whatever I can do for the restoration, I will do for and with the ICR.

Since I will be busier than ever, I am considering  easing off on this blog.  People seem to be very interested in the Cristeros, so I may continue posting on that subject from time to time. For trad news, and info, there already exist some very good blogs and web sites.   Who knows?  Maybe after Christmas I may feel differently. We shall see “if”and “how” God may deem it fit to use me and this blog for his purposes.

I am not saying “goodbye”, but we will be seeing less and less of each other! :-)

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