“El Catorce” of the Cristero Wars

“El Catorce” is a most interesting character, certainly someone not deemed to have been a saintly figure, but at least he fought on the right side.  May God have mercy on his soul!  Known as a fearless fighter, but also as a womanizer, he once was asked which woman was his legit.  He responded that all women are legitimate.  I can only imagine what he meant.  Here is an interesting episode of one of the Cristero wars in which he fought. I translated this from Corazon Cristero’s facebook page.


On March 15, 1927, Father José Reyes Vega was in San Julián along with Luis Anaya and Victoriano Ramirez “El Catorce” when they learned that General Espiridión Rodríguez was approaching the town with all his regiment. After discussing the situation, it was decided to make a defense.   “El Catorce” and his men positioned themselves at the center of the town.

 At the time, General Miguel Hernández was in San Diego de Alejandría with his men. “El Catorce” summoned the General for support.  “El Catorce” and his men put up a good defence of the plaza, but the military superiority of the federal regiment was felt, and it seemed that all would be lost, when General Miguel Hernández arrived with his men to trounce the 78th Regiment; the battle lasted more than two hours, with most of Calles’ men and many Cristeros dead in the confrontation.   The commander of the Federal forces, General Espiridión, escaped by dressing as a woman and fleeing, while the rest of his men were executed in the old cemetery and buried there in a mass grave. The first battle of the Cristero wars ended with the triumph of the Cristeros and a cruel defeat for the Callista army.


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