Give us Credit, Please

Some of our images on this blog are rather popular, especially those graphics of the Tridentine Mass under the category “Theology of the TLM in Pictures”.  I do not mind people copying them, but please give this blog credit.  It takes me an immense amount of time to research, edit, adjust, format, color, etc. I want to eventually publish them in booklet form.

In order for you to appreciate the intense labor involved, look at what I work with, and then compare to the finished image for our blog postings.

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2 Responses to Give us Credit, Please

  1. Fiat says:


    God bless you and your efforts on behalf of the beloved Mass of our heritage! People can’t love what they don’t know, and it is obvious that so many Catholics these days do not understand what the Sacrifice of the Mass is all about. How can they love it?

    Spread the info far and wide. You know, my project is not yet complete. I still have to upload two or three more images. Hopefully, I can do that soon.

    Pray for me and all those who feel called to this apostolate of making the TLM known and loved!

    In Their Most Sacred Hearts,

  2. Zan says:

    Thank you very much for your effort. I have been saving the images in order to compile them into a booklet and translate them into my native language (polish) and make it available for people interested in Traditional Latin Mass and generally everyone who might discover the beauty and solemnity of the Mass by looking at them. I will remember to give credit to the blog.

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