The Passing Unto Eternal Rest of Fr. H. Thwaites, S.J.

I received the following message regarding Fr. Hugh Thwaites’ death.  May this good priest rest in peace.   We are eternally grateful to him for one of the deepest acts of charity my family and I have ever received from a  priest.  He had promised prayers for his friends.  I am grateful that he considered me to be one.  He was a faithful Jesuit.


Father Hugh Thwaites passed away peacefully around 3.45am this morning. I have made a promise to him to tell all his friends that he will be praying for them in heaven and that he will see all of you in heaven, God willing. He thanked each and everyone of you for your support and he wanted all of you to pray the Rosary daily as he said this is one of the sure ways to heaven.

I will let you all know details of his funeral date in case you may want to attend. May our dear friend Father Hugh Thwaites rest in peace. Please,  convey this message to all of Father Thwaite’s friends you know. 

God Bless you all,


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