Church Miltant on Obama and ‘Peasant Catholics’

‘Peasant’ Catholics do have a voice (withholding >$$$$).

While I wholeheartedly agree with Michael Voris on what he is saying in this video, I would just caution that a trad-minded Catholic must never be fueled by bitterness.  I am not accusing Mr. Voris of that; but we all must know that it is just so very easy to slide into that mode.   

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3 Responses to Church Miltant on Obama and ‘Peasant Catholics’

  1. Tom says:

    I didn’t mean to impose, Fiat, and I can appreciate your readership. Far more often than not, I attend TLMs on Sundays, though more because of difficulty of finding anything resembling reverance in NOs than with a special preference for TLMs (… reverent NOs are possible to find here & there, but prove to be the exception rather than the rule). I saw the title on a feedburner pertaining to “The Vortex” and followed the link. While I do agree with Mr. Vories on most of what he says, I watch his videos as much for his antics/theatrics as I do for any other reason (… a “guilty pleasure”), even though I was enlightened with the videos on the Romanian prisons & the communist regime.

    It just struck me as odd (i.e., the use of the “trad-minded” qualifier), but it didn’t offend me per say. I would hope that even those Catholics outside of TLM communities would not be fueled by bitterness (… working out their salvation in ‘fear ‘n’ trembling 😉 ), and am not sure how rarely they read your blog posts, but thanks for your reply, and I wish you well!

    In Christ,

  2. Fiat says:

    This is a site principally aimed at a certain type of readership – mostly people whom I know. If you, Tom, are offended by my saying that trad-minded Catholics should not be bitter, please examine your heart for the reason you pose your question.

  3. Tom says:

    Should a ‘Vatican II’-minded Catholic ever be fueled by bitterness?

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