Notes, Continuing With the Cristeros…

I continue to be amazed with the wealth of information I have recently come across.  I want to share it all, but I realize that my first obligation is to nourish my soul and to comply with my daily duty by taking care of the needs of my family.

The rest of the month is going to be intensely busy and I don’t know how much I will be able to post.  I plan on writing about General Gorostieta.   The letters written to his wife are going to be made public, alas, edited.   It was only just recently that the world discovered the existence of those letters, when a granddaughter of his donated them to a museum that commemorates his life.

Photo is from my new friend Corazón Cristero.

Also, I hope to be able to post something on Hildegard von Bingen, who is to be canonized and proclaimed a Doctor of the Church.  God is speaking to us.  Is anybody listening?

I continue to pray most fervently for the regularization of the SSPX.  I understand the suspicions and want of trust coming from certain quarters of its leadership.   We all know what most diocese are like, and of the animosity – both hidden and overt – on the part of many bishops and  clergy against the Traditional Latin Mass and the entire pre-c0nciliar faith.  My diocese is one such example. We are a spiritual desert.  But ultimately, a traditional Catholic puts his trust in God who works through men, even evil men, to attain His purposes.  We know what those purposes are and He WILL REIGN!

What the SSPX has accomplished is remarkable; they have prospered because of the ‘freedom’  from constraining bishops, but I believe that since now they are a formidable force for tradition, they should, in total unity, submit to the yoke of Peter’s authority.

  We have to stand together to withstand what will be unleashed upon us!

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