I.C.R. in Japan

I lost my few notes for this posting, so I am relying on memory as to what Canon Ueda actually wrote regarding his celebration of the TLM in Tokyo on April 29, 2012.

I do remember that he used the word “palpable” to describe the change in attitude toward the TLM in Tokyo, evidently something which until more recently, had not been the case. He also mentioned that the Archbishop offered his encouragement, all for the good of the Catholic church in Japan.   In searching for the name, I find that the archbishop is Peter Takeo Okada, the archbishop who described the Neo-catechumenal Way as “a serious problem”, “divisive”,  “confrontational”.    Sounds to me like the Archbishop is on the right track!

Below are some of the lovely pictures Father sent me:


Thank you, Father Ueda!  May all those viewing this page offer prayers for you and for your intentions as I most fervently do.

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  1. Fiat says:

    It is good hearing from someone so far away who also loves the TLM! I did not know Canon Ueda would be traveling to Japan again. When he does, he will have to take me with him in spirit to greet all of you there. I hope he will share some pictures so that I can post them on this blog. I will be sure to visit your site.

    I know Father Ueda; he is a dear priest for whom I pray daily. (I even met Father’s parents when they came to Chicago.)

    I have added a link to your site. Pray for us and we will pray for you!

    God bless you!

  2. AugustinSY says:

    Hi, I am a member of Una Voce Japan, affiliated group of International Federation Una Voce.

    I am very happy to see these photos.
    That mass was celebrated last spring, at Wakaba House(S.S.P) in Tokyo.

    Canon Ueda is not our member, but he has taken our goruop’s spiritual priest for two years.
    He’ll visit Japan again in this Spring and we help him during his travel to Japan.

    Please visit our site: http://uvj.jp/

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