Eucharistic Procession to Abortion Mill

The following report with photos was sent to us by a friend who participated in the procession and traditional Latin Mass.  No pictures of the Mass are available, but here are some photos of the procession.  Although I knew that Institute priests do celebrate the TLM at the pro-life center, I had never heard of a Eucharist street procession through the very busy streets of Chicago to the abortion mill.  This is very impressive – an awesome sight!  

The Reverend Canon Raphael Ueda, a priest of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, in Chicago, assisted by Abbe Kevin, clerical oblate of the Institute,

and the faithful, carried the Most Blessed Sacrament  in a holy procession, on Friday, May 18, 2012, from the St. Jude Chapel of the Women’s Center (a pro-life, pregnancy care center) 5116 N Cicero Ave, Chicago,

to Family Planning Associates “Albany” abortion killing center, on Elston Ave, a short walk, along two very busy streets.   The procession was held after 6:00 pm Holy Mass in the traditional Latin rite, at the St Jude Chapel of the Women’s Center.

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  1. Fiat says:


    I will contact you with pertinent info.

    For now,
    God bless!

  2. Matthew Rose says:

    Is there a schedule available for when Institute priests offer the TLM at the chapel? If you could email it to me at, I would be greatly appreciative. I live nearby and had no idea that Institute priests offer the TLM there!

    Thank you for posting these pictures.

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