Bertone Corruption

Our blog neighbor at the Tenth Crusade has this quite interesting post today.  The name “Bertone”  has a way of making me sit up and take notice – in a negative kind of way.

I left this comment over there: “Poor Sister Lucia. It is estimated that Bertone spent about 10 HOURS during three visits to her, trying to get her to corroborate the party line regarding the alleged consecration of Russia in ’84.

After those ten hours, he could not come up with any official testaments, either audio or visual, to give proof that Sr. Lucia was backing him up. TEN HOURS!

In all that time, all he accomplished was to say that he came away with a few “personal notes” saying that “she said”…

To take down those trifling notes would have taken no more than some minutes.

Commie-like intimidation and interrogation is what comes to my mind.”

More Evidence Bertone is a Source of Corruption… at the Vatican and is Being Protected by the Holy Father   Original source: Reuters

For over a decade, as Boston Catholic activists made their way up the food chain asking for intervention on this or that, several influential,high ranking sources began to paint a picture of an unnamed corrupt Cardinal at the Vatican. If we made enough of a media stink to create a scandal, some things could be intervened, but nothing would really change until he was dead.

Questions,like…Does the Holy Father know? Why wouldn’t he remove this individual? Is there extortion going on?…were greeted with silence.

As years went by, trust developed, several of my sources here in the US and Rome let thename Bertone fall from their lips. No details on how or why this man continues to be permitted to terrorize and is protected by what is now two pontificates that I am aware of, has ever been revealed.

This letter is a most interesting development, in that it appears to confirm the Holy Father indeed knows and is complicit in protecting Bertone.

This week, we now learn that instead of investigating the source of corruption, the Holy Father has ordered an investigation of the source of the leaks. This outrageous administrative handling of corrupt prelates who terrorize to hold onto their corrupt money or sex scandals continues to this day. To this day, they protect the corrupt by chasing the source of the whistleblowers. We see this manifesting itself here in Boston, which is why we took anonymous whistleblowing to a protected and anonymous blog.

This is not acceptable. Every Catholic should express their outrage that the Holy Father is complicit in silencing those who tell.

Readers here know that I am faithfu, devoted to and love our Holy Father, but the truth about Bertone must be exposed. Hus reign of terror must end.

Sometimes, you cant get rid of an individual because he or she has institutional memory that keeps the organization afloat. You have to bring in someone underneath him to observe, be trained, before you usher them out the door. This has been going on for at least a decade that I know about, and I am sure more. The cat appears to be out of thebag. The time has come to castrate his power. Retire. Do whatever it takes to remove him.

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