“Cristiada” film Coming June 1

They’ve changed the title to FOR GREATER GLORY.  I plan on watching it, but I have to let you know that it annoys me greatly to hear that the Cristeros supposedly fought for religious freedom.  They did not!   A Cristero gave his life for a Person, not a cause. Please, just remember that if you go to see it.  The crusade was fought for HIS greater glory, not for personal honor, not for the honor of a nation or a people. It was fought in defense of Jesus Christ and His mystical Bride, Holy Mother Church!

Leo XIII, Immortale Dei:

“As a consequence, the State, constituted as it is, is clearly bound to act up to the manifold and weighty duties linking it to God, by the public profession of religion. Nature and reason, which command every individual devoutly to worship God in holiness, because we belong to Him and must return to Him, since from Him we came, bind also the civil community by a like law. For, men living together in society are under the power of God no less than individuals are, and society, no less than individuals, owes gratitude to God who gave it being and maintains it and whose ever-bounteous goodness enriches it with countless blessings. Since, then, no one is allowed to be remiss in the service due to God, and since the chief duty of all men is to cling to religion in both its reaching and practice-not such religion as they may have a preference for, but the religion which God enjoins, and which certain and most clear marks show to be the only one true religion.”

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