Another Institute of Christ the King S.P. TLM for the Joliet Diocese

UPDATE:  We will pray the rosary, starting at 6:30.

We need two men to usher; volunteers, please come forward.  You may let me know this coming Sunday, or e-mail me.

Some of us will arrive at St. Peter at 5:30.  Anyone who wishes to come at that time to meet one another, or to help with food set-up, or to arrange the flowers in the sanctuary, to take pictures, etc., you are most welcome.

Also, I think it might be time to get more structured.  Please consider setting aside some time for periodic meetings.  Your input is most important. It would be good to have one soon after the May 5 Mass.  I have hesitated to follow this route because our families are already overloaded with responsibilities and their own works of charity.  If we do this, we must remember that our families will always come first, ahead of this apostolate for the TLM.  I am always reluctant to impose on any of you, but if you feel drawn to get more involved, your association would be greatly appreciated.


I wish I could say that it will be a regularly scheduled one, but, no, it’s a one-time thing.  Please pray for us, spread the word  wide and far.  Join us if you can.   Let us know if anyone coming would like to participate.  Singers, servers, food preparation, clean-up.  We need you all.

“Thank you” to Fr. Pennock, and of course, to the Institute!

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  1. ihmprayforme says:

    IHM, pray for us!

  2. Jason Kirstein says:

    + Ad Jesum per Mariam +

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