Monsignor, Our Lady of Fatima and Hell

Yesterday,  a dear priest-friend of our family expressed his consternation over the loss of the sense of the sacred which he sees even amongst parishioners considered to be good people.   Well, today, I came across a youtube on Angel Queen in which Monsignor Moss identifies one most effectual method by which the devil has succeeded in ensnaring souls these past 40-50 years.   In watching the youtube,  towards the end of the sermon, Msg. Moss,  mentions one of the things which greatly annoys our priest-friend.   Watch it and see if you can relate.  It is something that commonly plays out in churches where the N.O. is celebrated.

One more thing.  I would advise anyone to flee from those who would suggest that True Devotion and a firm and loving attachment to Our Lady of Fatima shows too extravagant a regard for our Blessed Mother.

How many times I have come across that mentality from even fellow-Catholics!

Msgr. Moss speaks: 

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