French Pastries and Nuns

Recently, I ran across a French nun in full  traditional habit who was selling baked goods at the local farmer’s market. The pastries she was selling were absolutely delicious – but do be aware that the community she is with, is not part of the Roman Catholic church.

Their founder is someone named “bishop” Jean Marie Roger Kozik who claims that the Blessed Mother asked him for this new religious foundation, the Fraternite Notre Dame. I found an article on the internet that accuses him of having been jailed for fraud. More than likely, the Sisters are totally innocent and are being used. They must work like slaves to turn out so many baked goods in such variety. I understand that they sell at many farmer’s markets besides at their main outlet called St. Roger Abbey, which by the way, is not a monastic house at all.

I deduce that his foundation is merely just one more denomination, but this one cleverly mimicking the Roman Catholic Church founded by our Lord Jesus Christ Himself. Anyone interested may look further into this. I just want to throw out a caution. I am praying very much for that sweet, young nun. I believe it was to such that our Lady was referring when She asked that we pray for those most in need.

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  1. Fiat says:

    Thank you, Joseph, for this added bit of information. I suspected he was a fake and a fraud. I can’t help but feel sorry for those poor women who have situated themselves under him. The one nun to whom I spoke at the farmers market seemed a little overwhelmed with all the baking they had to do. She seemed to accept the hardship though, thinking it was part of her ‘vocation’.

  2. Joseph says:

    A careful search on “Roger Kozik” reveals that he was first involved with various “Old Catholic groups” and eventually joined up and apparently “ordained” in the religious sect of “Pope Gregory XVII” in Palmar De Troya. Leaving that group, he apparently borrowed on the idea of having visions of Mary to back his work. He apparently learned this lesson at Palmar where “Our Lady” spoke to “Pope Gregory” frequently. Leaving Palmar De Troya group Kozik settled near Le Frechou and (imagine it) started to have his “own visions” where “Our Lady” spoke frequently to him. Fr. Noel Barbara covered all of this in great detail and speaks of the court dealings in France. If I can find the booklet I’ll leave information posted here. Kozik does not like to be asked questions and the Sisters will loose their voice when you ask any details or background. the “Our Lady of Frechou” that they promote looks almost similar to another “Our Lady of EL Palmar De Troya.” No photographic evidence exits of a Catholic bishop laying hands or consecrating him. Ask them to produce it. Be careful.

  3. Fiat says:

    I don’t remember the source, but a simple google search yields: “For example, the next one of them, Jean Laborie, who had been consecrated as … Roger Kozik and Michel Fernandez were actually prosecuted for fraud in the …”

  4. Jay lie says:

    I would like to know if it was possible for you to send me the link. Where it states that he has been jailed for fraud… I would appreciate it, it would really help me with my investigation… Thank you

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