The Mass of Padre Pio – The Sacrifice of Calvary

I just had to share this article with you.  It is a timely article to read as we enter into Holy Week.

From the interview:

What should we do during the Mass?

Be compassionate and love.

Father, how are we supposed to listen to the Mass?

The way the Blessed Virgin and pious women attended to the tragedy of Calvary. The same way John attended the Eucharistic Sacrifice and the bloody Sacrifice of the Cross.


Is there any doubt that the Mass is the re-presentation of Calvary? For me, it is impossible to sense that at the N.O. and that is why I attend the Traditional Latin Mass.  Anyway, here it is in its entirety. I pray reading it will allow you to enter more deeply into the mystery of our Redemption mystically re-presented at the altar.

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